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I have this bottle of perfume that was given to me as a child by someone who no longer wanted it because it was old and unfashionable.  At first, I did not even know if I liked it - I sniffed at it with suspicion, applied it tentatively to my wrists; at one point I locked it away in my closet, because it smelled like this person and I wanted my own perfume, not some discarded, half used bottle from somebody else.  My sister had gotten something new, so why was I cursed with this old, unwanted thing?

As the years passed, I reopened this bottle as a teenager, sniffed it again and thought I might give it a chance after all.  It was kind of vintage, sort of cool in a unique, original sort of way that made me smell different from others my age. I took it with me on my travels, stuffed it into my scruffy backpack and wore it during my most memorable moments; it made me think of adventure, reminded me of the open road, of love and excitement, of beautiful places and things I wanted most.

The person who had given this perfume to me saw me when I was about twenty and said with a smile: “Ah, you smell like my past.”

Two immortal time travelers have just arrived in the mid 19th century and are getting ready to go out.

"What is that?" The more petite girl with dark, tumbling locks wrinkles her nose as her taller companion douses herself in a mist of sharp scented spray.

"Oh, this?" The tall girl holds up the bottle. "This is part of our costume."



I find myself thinking that he has completely lost it, as he leaves the cubicle and makes for the door, trailing water with him on the tile floor.



I take the chance to fly out of the house and charge over to the park in a desperate search for Lewis. It is already dark outside and as I enter the path leading into the woods, I find a world teeming with dark forms and shadows.  I see drug addicts hunched against a grove of trees, their silhouettes immobile as they ride out their highs in a dazed stupor.   The bushes rustle next to me and for a moment I pause, straining my ears for signs of Lewis.  A homeless man stumbles out instead, startled by my presence, holding his meager belongings protectively across his chest.  I back off, spreading out my hands to show him that I mean him no harm.  He scuttles along the path at a hurried pace, disappearing into a nearby thicket.


Bewegungstraining für Schauspieler und Performer

Körper und Gefühl sind zwei Seiten einer Medaille. Schauspiel ist die Verkörperung von Gefühlen. Jedes Gefühl drückt sich in einer körperlichen Bewegung aus. Jede Bewegung erzeugt eine Emotion. Wir entwickeln ein Vokabular, um immer genauer beschreiben zu können wie unsere Bewegung sich von der eines anderen unterscheidet. Wir lernen über uns, unsere Kollegen und die zu spielenden Charaktere urteilsfrei zu denken. Dies schärft unsere Wahrnehmung und wir können dadurch unsere eigenen Bewegungsmuster erkennen und Schritt für Schritt erweitern.

Das Ziel ist die Bandbreite der Bewegung in Dynamik und Form zu erleben und deren Anwendung in Funktion und Expression zu erforschen.

Das Ziel ist Aufmerksamkeit für den Raum und die Personen im Raum zu schaffen, so wie deren Bedeutung für szenische Gestaltung zu erkunden.

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Wir helfen den Schauspielern, sich einen Platz am Markt zu sichern, sich angemessen und ausführlich zu präsentieren, sich in Vertragsfragen nicht unsicher zu fühlen und ihre finanziellen Interessen zu wahren.
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